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    Brief Introduction of the Business School

    The Business School is a fairly large school in SDUT with 6 majors of business management, industrial engineering, accounting, marketing, information management and information system, and financial management. We can offer the academic master’s degree of management science and engineering and business management as well as the professional master’s degree of engineering management.

    The discipline of management science and engineering is a key discipline of SDUT with 6 departments of business management, industrial engineering, accounting, marketing, information management and information system, and financial management. We have 7 scientific and research organizations including SDUT New and Old Kinetic Energy Conversion Research Center, Innovation and Technology Management Research Center, Modern Accounting and Financial Management Research Center, Supply Chain and Logistics Management Research Center, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research Center, Resource and Environmental Management Research Center, Complex Systems and Intelligence Science Research Center. Moreover, five scientific research teams have been set up, including logistics and supply chain management, energy and environmental management, complex network and big data decision-making, innovation and technology management, financial and capital management.

    The Business School has built a laboratory center which consists of ERP and information management laboratory, business operation management exercise laboratory, information system application laboratory, accounting simulation laboratory, sand table simulation laboratory, and logistics and supply chain laboratory. The laboratories cover all the laboratory programs of the undergraduates and graduates.

    We have over 600 newly-typed computers with the value of over 5 million RMB Yuan. We have an overall book amount of over 100 thousand, among which are over 400 kinds of domestic and foreign journals. We offer double degree, double major and minor of business administration, accounting and marketing for students of different majors on campus.

    We take an active part in assisting in the economic and social development of local city and play an important role in cultivating high-profile management talents, providing training and consulting for the business circle.

    Faculty Team

    We have 98 faculties including a foreign faculty. We have 11 professors,43 associate professors. 43 have a doctorate degree. We have 2686 undergraduates, 105 graduates, and 386 MBA graduates.

    Education and Teaching

    In recent years, we have 1 class which gains special fund from the provincial university basic course construction and 1 provincial quality engineering program team. We have 1 11th national five-year plan textbook, excellent provincial textbooks with a first prize and a second prize. We have published 5 high-level textbooks. We have 2 excellent provincial undergraduates’ thesis, 3 provincial teaching and research programs and over 30 university-level teaching and research programs. We have won 2 third prizes of outstanding scientific and technological innovation achievements of graduate students in Shandong province and 1 third prize of the first excellent teaching achievement of Shandong province. 9 MBA cases are selected into the National Management Case Center. We successfully passed the evaluation of the national MBA professional degree. We have won the third prize in the field of teaching in our university for four consecutive years.

    Scientific Research

    In recent years, the faculty in our school has hosted 5 national natural science fund projects, 12 national social science fund projects, 15 projects of the Ministry of Education, and over 80 provincial projects. We have undertaken over 50 local economic and social development subjects. Our faculty has published 926 academic papers in the journals of Management Science Journal, System Engineering Theory and Practice, China’s Population, Resources and Environment, and Management Journal. 926 papers are published in core journals and 125 papers can be found by ISTP, EI and ISSHP. The faculty has published 56 books in the People’s Publishing House, Economic and Science Press. We have won three outstanding achievements of Shandong provincial social science, and over 30 prizes including outstanding social science achievement award of Shandong universities, Shandong soft science outstanding achievement award and Zibo social science outstanding achievement award.

    Student Affairs

    The business school has the goal of promoting the moral growth of the students and works to help cultivate the students with five most important qualities. We have constantly upgraded our student affairs system and improved the life environment for the students. We help improve the comprehensive ability of the students by promoting scientific and research innovation, social practice and campus culture. Our students have won over a hundred awards in different competitions of the national, provincial and local levels every year. In 2016, our MBA works won the national silver prize in the national entrepreneurship competition. The Business School motivates the learning and innovative capacity through platform building and environment upgrading.

    Foreign Exchange

    The Business School attaches great importance to foreign academic exchange and international cooperation. We are among the first schools in our university to conduct foreign exchange programs. From 2003, we have built close academic exchange and management education cooperation with Curtin University and Edith Cowan University in Australia and successfully set up education programs for undergraduates and graduates.

    Since 2010, we have conducted comprehensive cooperation and exchange with ESIC business school of Spain. One teacher has been appointed guest professor by the Spanish business school and asked to give lecture abroad. From 2011, we have the student exchange program. Up to now, our school has conducted comprehensive faculty and student exchange programs with University of Wales Trinity Saint David, Almaty Management University, Kyonggi University of South Korea, Curtin University, Newcastle University, University of Victoria, University of Greenwich, and University of Canterbury of Australia, University of Limerick of Ireland, University of Kentucky, Bloomsburg University and Edinboro University of the U.S. In 2016, we recruited the first international student with the major of international logistics, which upgraded the foreign cooperation progress of our school.

    We are now facing a new start and a new journey. All the faculty and students of the Business School will carry on the fine traditions of the school and work to promote the school to step into a new step.




    The Construction of Discipline Platform of Business School

    The Business School has two first-level disciplines: business management, management science and engineering. We have 7 scientific and research organizations including six scientific laboratory research centers: SDUT New and Old Kinetic Energy Conversion Research Center, Innovation and Technology Management laboratory center, Modern Accounting and Financial Management laboratory center, Supply Chain and Logistics Management laboratory center, Innovation and Entrepreneurship laboratory center, Resource and Environmental Management laboratory center, Complex Systems and Intelligence Science Research Center.


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